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YAY – I’m featured in a Blog!!!

March 25, 2011

The other day a VERY nice gal called me up and asked for an interview with me – Little ol’ KnitBitch and now I’m featured in a blog about knitting ! And mind you not just any blog about knitting but a blog about how to keep your knitting young and fun! Can a  guerilla-knitter get a bigger acknowledgement??!!! I think not!



Streetheart’s Advent Calendar

December 13, 2010

The new piece is now up!!! I’m so VERY pleased with the result, 30+ Christmas Ball, 13 elf socks, 3 elf mittens and a giant heart – all a part of Streetheart’s Street-Advent-Calendar.  It took me almost four (yes 4!) weeks of knitting to make it all but it’s worth it. It looks so good and so far it’s been one of my favourite projects to make – although I doubt I’ll be knitting any kind of balls or socks, in ANY size, in the nearest future.

Normally I put up all my pieces by myself, but having so much to put up I decided I would need help, so I brought Auntie S. Beside the fun of being the two of us Auntie S has another advantage, she’s taller than me!
There’s no way I would have been able to reach high enough even though I did bring something to stand on. While we were working it began to snow, it was feezing cold, Auntie Swe had to take turns so one could get stick her hands in her pockets to warm them while the other one would be working.

You’d think that having to tie a gazillion knots when putting up the ornaments would be the worst part… but it wasn’t. The absolutely worst task was to mounting the Tag. My fingers was cold and numb, I could barely thread the needle and there was a so many ends to weave in, I thought my fingers would snap off, I was so glad I’d only made one Tag!

Ssssh – preparing for a secret

December 12, 2010

Ooh the joy of December. The month of all secrets – and I have one too. Well, it’s not that big a secret, as it has already been announced that I’m participating in Streetheart’s Adventcalendar.

What IS a secret is when, what and where I’ll be putting up my piece and this is the secret I’m about to let you in on. Or at least on some of the details.

I’ve made 20+ Christmas balls and 14 Elf’s socks, a heart that indicates that the piece is a part of Streetheart’s Adventcalendar and the date that the piece is going up. I also made a Tag that will let you know it’s a piece made by me, but that you’ll have go see for yourself!

Let me know what you think


November 25, 2010


Jeg har været på den igen. I anledningen af vinteren har jeg strikket en sweater til et stakkels træ. Dette Tag var ekstra sjovt, fordi jeg fik hjælp af en veninde ved opsætningen.

Mon du kan finde det??? Det er at finde i nærheden af et hospital 😉


a close-up
I’ve been at it again. In honor of winter, I knitted a sweater for a  tree. This Tag was extra fun because I had a friend helping me set it up.

Can you find it??? It’s near a hospital 😉

KnitBitch 😉

To nye pieces!

June 18, 2010

Ja – jeg har være på gaden igen, denne gang med hele to (2!) nye stykker.

Dette er lavet af garn, der minder mig om sommer og slik. Jeg synes faktisk, det er ret syret – jeg kan næste smage det, når jeg ser på det. Mon der er nogen. der kan se, ved hvilket busstop, det er sat op???!!!

So – I’ve been at it again this time with nothing less than two (2!) pieces.

This oneis made of a yarn that reminds me of summer and candy. I can almost taste it when I look at it. I wonder if anyone can tell me, at what busstop I’ve put it up???!!!

Det andet er et af mine første fairisle stykker og er inspireret af de gamle Nordiske strikketraditioner, hvilket betyder, at man kan se hele 2 forskellig slags Gotlandske roser. Dette tag er dog gemt en smule mere end det første. Hvem finder det først?

The second piece is one of my first tries at Fairisle knitting and it’s inspired by traditional Nordic knitting which means you can see two different roses from Gotland. This tag is quite well hiddden so who will be the first to spot it?

ETA: Streetheart har spottet mit “hemmelige” tag – og jeg blev DAGEN BILLEDE!! Juhuuu!!! Hvilken ære!

Streeetheart spotted my “secret”tag – and I was the PICTURE of the DAY!! Yeah!! What an honour!!!

Første Tag

May 11, 2010

Jeg har sat mit første Tag op i anledningen af Sygeplejerskernes internationale dag, d. 12. maj. Måske kan du se, hvor det hænger? Hvis ikke – så må du jo ud på opdagelse. Hvis det tages ned ved at åbne syningen, så vil dette tag kunne blive en udmærket benvarmer – så må kan du jo gå på jagt efter endnu en til det andet ben.

I’ve put up my first Tag as a celebration of Nurses International Day on May 12th. Perhaps you can tell by the picture where the Tag’s located? If not – well you’ll just have to go explore the neighbourhood then. If the Tag’s taken down by opening the seam it will make an excellent legwarmer – and then you can go hunting for one for the other leg.

Garn Graffiti?

May 7, 2010

Har du nogenside hørt om Urban Knitting/ guerilla strik / Garn Graffiti? Bor du på Nørrebro – så hold øjnene åbne! Måske, MÅSKE kan du spotte et tag?!

Ever heard about Urban Knitting/ guerilla knitting / Yarn Graffiti? Do you live on Nørrebro – keep an eye out! Maybe, MAYBE you might spot a tag?!